November 2013

"Vectis Weather", and the Island Weather Facebook page was setup in November 2013. The original idea was to create a community that  came alive during adverse weather conditions and a  public weather station that supplied real time weather data to residents, businesses & organisations.

December 2013

The Davis vantage VUE arrived from Skyview Sytems.  The live weather gauges have now been updated. Much better on the eye and no need to re-load the page!
We setup a dedicated twitter account for the Cowes Weather Station. Local observations were posted from every 60 minutes. You can check the feed via @CowesWeather

Janurary 2014

We setup a separate website at for those who were only interested in the Cowes Weather Station Data.
We also started creating free widgets for other website to display our weather stations data.

September 2015

First preview of our Cowes Weather Android App. The data was coming directly from our Cowes Weather Station.
We also cut down on the weather stations power consumption by replacing the Tower PC with a UDOO Board

October 2015

Janurary 2016

Our weather station console failed following a power surge. The last tweet was auto posted on the Cowes Weather Station twitter account at 12am on the 17th January 2016.

July 2017

Our first live stream