WeatherLIVE is a local community app in development from Island Weather aimed at monitoring extreme weather conditions on the Isle of Wight, UK. We have a growing community with over 8,000 members.

We're looking for a company that we can partner with to push forward with the development of our mobile app and emergency Facebook live streaming service.
Ideally, we're looking for a  company that can supply us with a weather station to replace our faulty Davis Vantage Vue.
It doesn’t need to be a Davis but it needs to save data to a txt file and have the ability to upload data to the net.
The data will be used on our mobile app and will also provide real time weather conditions on our live Facebook streams.
We are also integrating an affiliation weather shop into our app so that our weather enthusiasts can purchase their own weather products.


Social followers: We have over 8,000 followers with an interest in weather. That's over 8,000 people that could also potentially be interested in buying your products.

Live Streams: Our Facebook live streams reach up to 7,000 people every time we go live.  Your company could benefit hugely from this ongoing additional exposure.

The supporting company will benefit from a number of marketing opportunities including branding on our facebook live streams, mobile app, youtube videos, twitter profile, and our mobile app credits page.
Mobile App

Your branding will appear on our mobile app, linking to your companies website. Also listed at the top of the mobile app credits page.

YouTube Videos

If we use data from the weather station in our videos your company and product URL will included in our video description.

Facebook Live

Your company and product URL will be included in the live video description and your logo will be added to the live stream overlay.

Your Branding
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